National Security Council (NSC) Was Used By Nixon As A "SECRET GOVERNMENT"

Upon taking office on January 20th 1969, Nixon signed a directive called "NSDM2". This new directive would re-configure the NSC from an advisory body, to one that would be operational. He appointed Henry Kissinger to be his NSC Advisor, a position that was non-confirmable by the Senate. That would allow the NSC to cut out and keep it's actions "Secret" from the Congress, the State Department, the Defense Department and the CIA.

In March of 1987, as I was working on "Silent Coup", I concluded that Nixon was actually at war with in his own government, and decided to write a description of what I had found.

I ran it by the three men closest to Nixon when he took office in 1969. They were his Attorney General John Mitchell, his Chief of Staff Bob Haldeman, and his Legal Counsel at the time John Ehrlichman.

To each man I read my description, in what were audio-recorded phone interviews. Each man, independent of the other two, confirmed the existence of the "Secret Government".
I am now putting excerpts from those interviews on line.

Full tapes and transcripts reside in the "Colodny Collection" at Texas A & M University.