Woodward-Haig Connection

Did you know Bob Woodward worked in the Nixon White House 1969-70?

woodwardBob Woodward (U.S. Naval Institute)What was concealed:

Bob Woodward lied* to conceal his early ties to General Alexander Haig. In 1969 and 1970, Navy Lt. Bob Woodward manned the Pentagon's secret communications room, which transmitted messages around the world, including the back channel communications for Henry Kissinger and President Richard Nixon. In that duty, Woodward often delivered messages from the worlds top leaders to Gen. Alexander Haig, Kissinger's deputy at the National Security Council.

* "I never met or talked to Haig until sometime in the Spring of '73." [Woodward Interview by authors 03/06/1989]

Why this is significant:

This relationship is critical to the Watergate scandal as Haig was the key source for Woodward on his most important story, that there were "deliberate erasures" on a critical Nixon White House tape.


Evidence demonstrating the relationship between Woodward and Haig, which both men have lied about for more than 40 years, is presented to you so that you can judge Woodward's credibility for yourself.

You can hear and read Woodward's denial and the three sources who expose his lie, starting with his former commanding officer, Admiral Thomas Moorer, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

In their research for Silent Coup, authors Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin revealed that Woodward had briefed Haig as early as 1969. When asked if he had briefed anyone, Woodward denied it, saying "I defy you to produce somebody who says I did the briefing. It's just, it's not true."

Listen to and Read Woodward's denial