"Silent Coup" Tapes Reveal Major Woodward "Lie"

Watch Len Colodny Expose That Woodward Has A "Secret Life"

EXCLUSIVE:  Only In "Silent Coup"!

Military Chiefs form a "Spy Ring"


"Silent Coup, The Removal of a President"

SILENT COUP is the excavation of some vital of some vital hidden history, of a national scandal within a scandal, and of a literary-journalistic atrocity of revealing while concealing.

There are several virtues that make this book quite remarkable among political writing of our era. What follows is a finely styled, fast-paced narrative, gripping as it is disturbing. Distinguished from so much written about Watergate and Richard Nixon, it also happens to be true.

You are about to read the story of a coup d’état, of all political events the most dramatic, suspenseful, sinister. To make the subject even more ominous, this is an American coup, albeit carried out (for a change) in the United States itself.

- Roger Morris, former National Security Council Staff Member under Henry Kissinger

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Forty Years War Book

"The Forty Years War" Introduces Fritz G.A. Kraemer

The Forty Years War” introduces you to the most important foreign policy thinker you never heard of: Fritz G.A. Kraemer. Kraemer is the father of the "provocative weakness theory," more popularly called by Neocons as "peace through strength."

Kraemer believed that power came from military strength and that any sign of weakening military resolve invited trouble from our rivals.

President Ronald Reagan first adopted Kraemer's theory in 1981, and it has been a force ever since.

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"The Colodny Collection's" Home at Texas A & M University

Author Len Colodny’s collection of research materials for his two books, “Silent Coup” and “The Forty Years War”, are housed at Texas A&M University-Central Texas, in the care of nationally known scholar, Dr. Luke Nichter, PhD. Dr. Nichter has recently published "The Nixon Tapes”, co-authored with historian, Douglas Brinkley.

The Collection (see attached) was packed on a large truck and van and very carefully transported to Texas from Tampa on September 17th 2014 shepherded by Dr. Jerry Jones, Ph.D. the school’s Dean of Arts and Sciences, and Dr. Brian Robertson, a Ph.D., historian and visiting assistant professor working with Nichter.

In 2016, we celebrated the republication of "Silent Coup" in June, and the republication of "The Forty Years War" in October. We will be making a number of changes and additions to the web site.

Letter From the President of Texas A & M University Central-Texas to Len Colodny.


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