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John Wesley Dean III, Counsel to the President (Official White House Photo)

John Dean admits "Blind Ambition", his autobiography, contains false information

Why This Is Significant:

This is extremely important because the false information contained in "Blind Ambition" directly contradicts his sworn testimony to the Senate Watergate Committee. So this means that John Dean either lied under oath or is lying to his readers in his autobiography.


In a taped interview for the book "Silent Coup", when Dean was confronted with the contradiction between his book and his sworn testimony, he accused his editor of making up the false material in the book.

Listen to and Read the Excerpt from John Dean Interview 1/5/89 for "Silent Coup"


Well let me give you an example. Okay? In your testimony to the Committee, which I reviewed, let's just take two issues. one issue was the Larry O'Brien, to which you passed over as being a peripheral issue to your office. Literally you just said, "Ya know, we didn't have much to do with Larry O'Brien." (Larry O'Brien, Chairman of the DNC and alleged target of the Watergate break-in.)


We didn't.


But in your book, you say exactly the opposite


I'll tell, let me tell what the st-, I can go through that process for you. What happened is, the editors got real excited, interesting wanted to make it more intriguing. That's why all that shit got in there. My testimony is what I'm going to stand on.

Dean's editor, Alice Mayhew, accuses Dean of lying.


. . .and you can say that I was the editor and, um . . .


I know, that's why I came -don't you - I wanted to be fair this is a difficult enough book to write and you don't nor -


Right, well I never told John Dean what to put in his book, and, ah, that's a lie, L-I-E, that is spelled, L-I-E.

Authors Note: Dean took complete ownership of "Blind Ambition."

Dean/Colodny Interview Transcript and Tape - January 5, 1989.

*** Page two of the Dean section contains a lengthy interview with John Dean (01/05/1989), in which he contradicts himself on many key subjects, including his role in the famous Nixon "smoking gun tape". The interview was so damaging to Dean that he tried to kill it by having me criminally prosecuted; he failed. ~ Len Colodny

Listen to and read the Mayhew Interview.

Pull up the searchable PDF of Chapter 6, The President's Private Eye from Silent Coup

View Chapter 12 "The Smoking Gun Tape"

Dean lies to Haldeman, and lures Nixon in to Dean's cover up of the Watergate break in.

View Chapter 6, The President's Private Eye from Silent Coup

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